5 Types of Roofing Materials to Make New and Existing Roofs More Green

Being environmentally friendly and living more green is very important to protect and save our planet. There are many ways that we can save energy and live more green every day, but what about our roofs? Replacing a roof is a big process and very costly. If you can afford to change your existing roof to make it greener, go for it. If you are looking to build a new house or your roof does need replacing, consider the following roofing materials to be more green.

Tile – Tile is produced with green materials and can be recycled. It is also the best option if you want a roof that will last for a hundred years. Tile is very strong and can brave the elements very well if it is maintained properly. Tile roofs are the best in warm climates and they are heavy so they won’t get blown away by a light breeze. You can get roof tiles in many different colors and even lighter ones that reflect less heat back into the atmosphere. More green points for tiles.

Single-ply thermoset – This type of roof covering consists of a membrane made of oil and natural gas. This membrane is bonded to roofing materials. Roofs that are made of one-ply thermoset, are very well sealed and insulate the building very well. These materials are made in a factory and not on-site like many others. This gives them a more consistent quality. These membranes are available in black and white for a greener roof.

Shingles or shakes – This is the most popular material to use for roof covering. It is, however, not always the best option for a cool roof. This is because they do not reflect sunlight so well but instead, absorb it. You can request shingles that are treated with reflective pigments, but this will only help a little. Painting them bright white is the best way to get a cool roof from shingles.

Pavers – Pavers are paving tiles that are specially designed to be used for roofing. They are thick and very heavy and a whole roof made of pavers can weigh up to 23 pounds per square foot. The best quality of pavers is that they reflect most of the ultraviolet light that shines on them. This makes pavers a great cool or green roof option. This type of roof will not be suitable for all buildings. The building structure should be able to hold the heavy weight of this roof.

Applied coating – For a cheaper option to make your roof green, you can go with factory-applied or field-applied coating. You can use this coating on an existing roof made of almost any type of material. The solar energy that comes into the atmosphere through sunlight, is half infrared light. The pigments of this coating can reflect the infrared light that comes in.

These 5 types of roofing materials will help you build a new roof that is green or help you make your existing roof more green. Either way, we all have to do our part and the best place to start is at home.

Infographic by: www.hometownroofingcontractors.com
5 Types of Roofing Materials to Make New and Existing Roofs More Green

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