7 Important Safety Tips for Working on a Roof or Construction Site

This is a guest post from construction expert and custom deck builder, Bob Ryan in Winston-Salem, NC. Visit his website at outdoorlifestylesllc.com for more information.

Construction workers and roofers all have a very dangerous job. Between power tools, electricity, open wires, heights, and heavy materials, it is very easy to get injured or cause damage. Construction and roofing should be left to the professionals, but if you decide to take on a roofing or construction project at home, there are a few safety tips you need heed. Common sense and careful planning is your best friend when taking on these types of projects.

Leave the roof work for the professionals (we told you so). It can be very dangerous navigating a roof that is half built or even a completed one. If you don’t know where to step and don’t have the necessary safety equipment, you could risk your life.

Have a fall protection kit. These kits include a harness, rope, and a hook. This is handy for painting, work on windows, and other types of things needing a ladder or heights.

Keep the roof clean. When working on a roof it is important that all debris like leaves and twigs are removed. This makes visibility easier and prevents accidents.

Hard hats are a must. By law, it is required that hard hats be worn on any construction site. While a contractor is roofing your house or doing any other type of construction work, your house is a construction site. Therefore, anyone who walks around outside or near the actual work must wear a hard hat. This will protect them if anything was to fall from the roof or scaffolding.

Take care with ropes and extension cords. It is very easy to trip over a rope or cord. This cord could cause electrical shock to someone or make someone fall and get seriously injured. Tripping over a rope could pull someone from a ladder or roof and cause serious injury or death. Always be very careful about placement of ropes and cords. Be extra careful when walking around a construction site.

Be careful where you step on a roof. The last thing you want is to step a hole into your new or almost new roof. Again, it is best to leave these things to the professionals. If you were to install your own roof or just walk on it to clean it or check the damage, be very careful where you step. You can get injured and cause damage to your roof if you were to step in the wrong place.

Be careful around power tools. Don’t sneak up on or surprise someone who is working with a power tool. A fright could cause both you and the other person serious injury. Approach someone who is busy with power tools carefully and get their attention from a distance.

In general, it is important to plan and be aware of what is happening around you. Never be careless on a construction site and always keep an eye out for what is happening above you. The correct safety equipment is very important.

7 Important Safety Tips for Working on a Roof or Construction Site

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