8 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Roof Repairs or Installations and Construction Projects

Any type of construction to your house will cause some disruption and discomfort. People will be moving in and around your house all the time and making a lot of noise. If you are having a roof restored or replaced, you may even have to stay somewhere else for the duration. We have a few tips to help you prepare your house for construction or roof repairs.

1. Clear the outside of your house

Remove patio furniture, toys, plants, barbecue, and other such items and keep them somewhere covered or at least 20 feet away from the construction. This will help keep them safe from falling debris.

2. Remove any vehicles

Remove all your cars, bikes, and boats. This is for the safety of your vehicles as well as making it easy to access your home. Roofers and contractors need access to your driveway to load shingles or other materials and also to get rid of debris. Many contractors bring a large dumpster for putting their rubbish in.

3. Keep children and pets away

Any type of construction site is unsafe for pets and children and the workers. For everyone’s safety, children and pets need to be kept far away from the construction site at all times.

4. Clear your roof for roof repairs or replacements

It is a good idea to remove television antennas, satellite dishes, and solar panels from your roof. This will ensure that they do not get damaged. Be very careful when working on the roof.

5. Other outside tips

Mow your lawn as this will make cleaning up easier. It is difficult to find debris and tools in long grass. You may also want to cover your pool to prevent damage and the need for excessive cleaning later.

6. Consider staying somewhere else

For really large projects you may want to consider staying somewhere else why construction is going on. If you have children and pets, this may be the best option as there is usually a lot of loud noise going on that may frighten them. Staying somewhere else will likely be more convenient for a day or two.

7. Close windows and doors

If construction is mainly happening outside the house or only in a specific area, make sure to close all the windows and doors to the rest of the house. Everything will be a mess in the end, but keeping windows and doors closed will help keep excessive dust and debris out of the house.

8. Cover furniture

Construction and roofing involve a lot of dust. To keep your furniture and antiques protected, cover them with sheets and move them out of the way.

These simple tips will give you peace of mind and make the contractor’s job much easier. There is nothing worse than having people in the way while they are trying to do a good job and stick to timeline.

8 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Roof Repairs or Installations and Construction Projects

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