The World’s Most Sustainable Building Materials

Construction doesn’t have to be detrimental to the environment. While materials like concrete might be durable and relatively cheap, they are ultimately poor options in the grand scheme of things. After all, there are a ton of sustainable building materials that are just as, if not more, strong as concrete. That being said, here are a few of the world’s most sustainable building materials!

  1. Hempcrete

Currently on the rise of becoming popular again since it made its debut in ancient eras, hempcrete is a material composited from hemp fibers found within hemp plants. Despite popular myth and debate, hempcrete cannot be consumed and used in the same sense that marijuana can. Instead, hempcrete is an extremely durable material that is lightweight and has a longer lifetime than popular materials, such as concrete.

  1. Bamboo

In recent years, naturalistic styles have become popular in architecture and interior design. This has also meant that bamboo has quickly become a popular building material. Luckily for the environment, bamboo is extremely sustainable. When compared to popular expensive building materials, bamboo ranks comparably in terms of quality and lifetime. So, the next time you consider using rebar or concrete for your naturalistic exterior, consider opting for bamboo instead!

  1. Wood

While wood might be more expensive than some of the other materials on this list, it still ranks as one of the most durable and sustainable materials money can buy! In addition to its sustainable and resilient qualities, wood proves to be one of the most attractive and versatile materials on the market.

Hempcrete, bamboo, and wood are just a few of the world’s most sustainable building materials! In other words, there’s hundreds of sustainable building materials we didn’t discuss. That being said, there truly is no excuse to use an unsustainable expensive building material like concrete or rebar.

The World’s Most Sustainable Building Materials

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